November ’16 Specials at Java TK


Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino
a sweet and frozen blend of fresh pumpkin and spices, topped with whipped cream

Milkfruit Lime Smoothie
fresh blend of milkfruit, lime juice, yogurt and
a touch of condensed milk
(created by Ms. Mean)

Red Snapper Filet
with passionfruit-raisin and caper sauce, with a side of green beans, carrots, spinach and white radish and carrot-potato mash with a touch of apple juice
(created by Ms. Mean)

Beef Filet with Tangy Citrus Sauce
and lightly grilled vegetables (red and green peppers, carrots and pineapple) and a side of steamed rice
(created by Mr. Sambath)

Chicken Breast Roulade
Stuffed with green beans, carrots, celery and emmental cheese, topped with a cranberry-raisin sauce and a side of salad greens
(created by Mr. Sambath)

Herb-marinated Lamb Filet
in orange-cumin seed sauce, served with mashed potatoes and blanched snow peas and carrots
(created by Ms. Ny)

By the slice:
Pumpkin or Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Whole pies – please order one day in advance:
Pumpkin Pie $15
Apple Pie $16

*tuk paim is Java’s own sweet blended syrup of palm sugar and honey

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